Thursday, January 30, 2014

Word for the Year 2014

Hard to believe January is practically over already!

Now that I'm back home from my whirlwind trip to the West Coast, I am finally getting around to solidifying my agenda for the year. Last year, I wrote some commitments on a white board. I had my picture taken with the list and posted it on Facebook. I then checked the items off as I accomplished them. I missed a couple of targets, and one of them became obsolete (don't need to paint the outside of a home I no longer own). My PLAN is to do that again for 2014 by January 31st. I don't have all my commitments decided on yet.

In the mean time, I've read a couple of posts about a word for the year, such as Jennifer (Jenni) at I'm Dancing in the Rain. She's also a long distance friend whom I only recently met in person at another Jennifer's (Jen) surprise party. She is an amazing woman. In my eyes, she's an incredibly strong woman.

My word is: Stronger

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My goals this year are around getting stronger, inside and out.

Physically, this involves strength training in addition to my regular cardio/Zumba. Strength training enables me to burn more calories when I'm working out, and when I'm not. It also makes me, well, stronger, of course!

I'm also committing to getting stronger and stepping (literally) outside my comfort zone by completing a 5K! It's called Color Me Rad. I haven't decided on the date and location yet. Probably Waco in March, hopefully before it's too dreadfully hot here in Texas!

Emotionally, getting stronger involves assuming positive intentions (sorry, co-workers, I couldn't help it!) and don't blow things out of proportion. I ask for clarification instead of letting my mind run wild in the wrong direction.

Spiritually, I plan to grow stronger by attending church regularly, including Sunday morning Bible Study, and reading my Bible throughout the week. I am so blessed that my family has found our new church in Texas!

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