Friday, November 8, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Truth

This is my first Five Minute Friday post. Who knew it would tie in so well with the Confident Heart Bible Study this week? I think that it's no coincidence and today is a good day to remind me about the Truth about me.

Why? Well, I am noticing some positive changes in myself since starting the Bible study and reading scripture more frequently. I won't say regularly because I'm not on a regular schedule yet. But, it's definitely becoming more frequent and it's paying off.

Oops! Forgot to set the timer for five minutes...

I am noticing:
  • I haven't had a headache since last Thursday. This could totally be coincidence, I mean I did start the study about a month ago. It's still worth pointing out because I'm SO thankful for being pain free for a whole week! 
  • I haven't dropped any F bombs lately, other than the usual cartoon cursing characters in chat with my BFF at work. Work brings that out of a girl. 
  • I haven't gotten irrationally, crazy angry at anyone lately (usually my husband is the one standing in the path of Hurricane Sara). 
  • I generally feel less stressed. 
  • God's word seems to be seeping in. The letter I wrote to myself on my post yesterday was based on scripture, without looking it up or even thinking about it. That letter really just kindda flowed out of my fingers. Pretty cool. The perfectionist inside of me believes I need to look up and memorize the scripture references that go with the verses.  The TRUTH is, the fact they are written on my heart is plenty!
Quick check of the timer...minute and a half left...need to grab some links and an image!

Here's some TRUTH about this post:
  • I am going over 5 minutes. 
  • I started looking for an image and decided to create my own. 
  • In the process, my Firefox crashed
  • I let loose a silent, yet exaggerated F bomb when that happened. I guess He isn't finished with me yet (Philippians 1:6, I looked it up!).


Five Minute Friday


  1. Do you know that children's song "He's Still Working on Me"? I love it: "It took him just a week to make the moon and stars, The sun and the earth and Jupiter and Mars; How loving and patient he must be: He's still working on me!"

    And it's true! And it's also true that He will complete His work. Continue confident in that!

    Visiting from FMF.

  2. so much fun reading about how you see God's Word changing you! may it always be so... for you and for me!